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Vegetarian and Vegan Berlin Cuisine

Discover the vibrant and delicious world of vegetarian and vegan cuisine inspired by Berlin's food scene. In this cooking class, you'll explore the plant-based side of Berlin's culinary culture and learn how to create flavorful and satisfying vegetarian and vegan dishes.

Highlights of the class:

  1. Vegan Currywurst: Experience the plant-based version of Berlin's iconic currywurst. Our chef will guide you in creating a vegan curry ketchup that captures the authentic flavors of the original, and teach you how to prepare tasty vegan sausages. Learn about plant-based meat alternatives and enjoy a guilt-free version of this beloved street food.

  2. Seasonal Vegetable Dishes: Discover the abundance of seasonal vegetables and herbs that characterize Berlin's vegetarian cuisine. Our chef will demonstrate how to incorporate these ingredients into creative and delicious dishes. Learn techniques for enhancing flavors, balancing textures, and creating visually appealing plant-based meals that showcase Berlin's culinary ingenuity.

  3. Vegan Desserts with a Berlin Twist: Delight your taste buds with plant-based Berlin-inspired desserts. From vegan Berliner Pfannkuchen to innovative fruit-based creations, our chef will teach you how to create indulgent vegan desserts using alternative ingredients and techniques. Learn how to impress your guests with plant-based sweets that capture the essence of Berlin's food culture.

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