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Isabella Bianco

Isabella Bianco

I'm Isabella Bianco, 37 years old, living and breathing Milan for the past 10 years. My journey with food began as long as I can remember, a kind of latchkey girl combined with being a child of immigrant parents from the BRY. So at home, there were a lot of salted fish, mayonnaise, and potatoes (which are still my favorite food to this day).

Over the years, as I started to speak a little Italian, I began asking simple questions about the ingredients and preparation to the seller in the market and the one from the deli. In the process, I met my Italian husband who comes from the southern region of Campania. Thanks to him and his family, I started to learn and get to know more about the cuisine of southern Italy.

After the COVID-19 epidemic passed, I realized that I probably won't return to offices and 9-5 jobs, and I have to reinvent myself in the food world again. It was on my mind that Italian cuisine is indeed the most famous in the world, but its depth, content, and truth are often hidden due to the stereotypes we all know very well.

I had to try to pass on the knowledge and tastes that not everyone knows, and that are so worth getting to know. I realized that a culinary tour is the best format to do that. And then the exact connection with ELEMENTS OF FOOD was born. I will be happy to give you tours from my knowledge, experience, and funny stories about Italians and the way they eat and treat food."

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