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Elements of Food
Elements of Food

Elements of Food

Our food tours are the perfect way to discover everything that is delicious in the city and experience the gastronomic wealth of Berlin. Among the thousands of restaurants and the dozens of different nationalities that have made the city their home, we will take you on an exciting experiential journey through the various cuisines and taste the seasonal and local as well. Of course, after we've filled our stomachs and heads, we won't forget to equip you with lots of recommendations, from the best food stalls in town to the best-starred restaurants.


Culinary Excellence: We believe in promoting culinary excellence by celebrating diverse food cultures, supporting local food artisans, and upholding the highest standards of quality and authenticity in food experiences.

Cultural Appreciation: We value cultural appreciation and aim to foster understanding, respect, and appreciation for different cultures, traditions, and cuisines through our food tours. We strive to create meaningful connections between locals and visitors, promoting cultural exchange and dialogue.

Sustainability: We are committed to promoting sustainable food practices and responsible tourism. We encourage our members to embrace sustainable sourcing, minimize food waste, support local economies, and contribute positively to the environment and communities they operate in.

Professional Development: We are dedicated to the professional development of our members. We provide comprehensive training programs, resources, and networking opportunities to empower food tour operators, guides, and culinary professionals to enhance their skills, knowledge, and business practices.

The vision of the Elements of Food Food Tour Institute is to create a global community of food enthusiasts and industry professionals who are passionate about culinary experiences, cultural exploration, and sustainable food practices. We envision a world where food tours serve as a catalyst for connecting people, fostering understanding, and promoting culinary diversity.


The mission of the Elements of Food Food Tour Institute is to provide comprehensive training, resources, and support for individuals and organizations in the food tourism industry. We aim to empower tour operators, guides, and culinary professionals with the knowledge and skills needed to deliver exceptional food experiences, showcase local cuisines, and contribute to the sustainable development of destinations.


The Elements of Food was established in 2015 by a passionate food enthusiast who recognized the growing importance of food tourism as a means of cultural exploration and economic development. With a shared vision of promoting culinary diversity and sustainability, He set out to create a platform that would support and elevate the food tourism industry.

​Since its inception, has grown into a trusted global brand. All this information is inaccurate but mostly too pompous. Please keep it down to earth.

​Today, the Elements of Food continues to be at the forefront of promoting excellence, sustainability, and cultural appreciation in the food tourism industry. With a commitment to continuous learning and innovation, the strives to shape the future of food tourism by equipping its members with the necessary tools and knowledge to create unforgettable culinary experiences for travelers and locals alike.

Our Team

Elements of Food

Founder of Elements of Food

Rooted in the heart of Berlin and with a connection to Milan, Elements of Food was born from my profound passion for authentic and meaningful culinary experiences. Having proudly called Berlin home since 2011, with previous years spent in Milan ...

Elements of Food


I'm Tomer. I tell stories: I write prose and for newspapers - mainly in German. I'm a translator of stories from German to Hebrew and am happy for the opportunity to retell them ...

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