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Itay Novik

Elements of Food
Itay Novik

Rooted in the heart of Berlin and with a connection to Milan, Elements of Food was born from my profound passion for authentic and meaningful culinary experiences. Having proudly called Berlin home since 2011, with previous years spent in Milan, I recognized the need to re-establish a vital connection between individuals and their food. We never truly stopped eating, but we have gradually distanced ourselves from direct connections to food and the growers. With this vision in mind, I founded Elements of Food in 2015, aspiring to reintroduce people to the source of their nourishment and the stories behind each dish.

Drawing on my background as a certified guide, trained chef, and food writer, I am dedicated to curating extraordinary gastronomic journeys within these two vibrant cities. Our mission is to guide locals and visitors alike through immersive food tours, offering encounters with the unsung heroes of nourishment—the passionate people behind the food. These tours are designed to kindle a deep appreciation for flavors and stories that transcend the plate.

In addition to our thoughtfully orchestrated tours, we extend an invitation to participate in our enriching cooking classes. These classes not only awaken new culinary skills but also serve as a medium to foster camaraderie and solidify team connections. Moreover, we offer our expertise in creating exceptional culinary experiences via catering services. For your next event, allow us to craft an exquisite array of fresh, seasonal delights that will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression.

Our commitment to cultivating genuine and palate-enchanting experiences has led to our recent expansion into Milan, where we deliver the same exceptional food tours in adherence to our concept and standards. As we continue to grow, extending our offerings to both Berlin locals and visitors, we welcome you to join our close-knit community. Whether in Berlin or Milan, we eagerly anticipate the opportunity to embark on a flavorful and enlightening journey together"

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