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Modern German Cuisine with a Berlin Twist

Updated: May 24

Immerse yourself in the flavors of modern German cuisine with a unique Berlin twist. In this cooking class, our expert chef will guide you through the techniques and ingredients that define contemporary German cooking, showcasing the innovative and diverse culinary landscape of Berlin.

Highlights of the class:

  1. Berliner Boulette (Berlin Meatball) Reinvented: Learn how to elevate the classic Berliner Boulette into a modern gastronomic delight. Discover new flavors and ingredients that can be incorporated into this beloved dish, experiment with different seasonings, and explore creative plating techniques to present a visually stunning and delicious Berliner Boulette.

  2. Craft Beer Pairing: Dive into Berlin's thriving craft beer scene and explore the art of pairing beer with food. Our chef will introduce you to a selection of locally brewed craft beers and guide you in creating dishes that complement and enhance the flavors of each beer. Discover the nuances of beer styles and their perfect culinary companions.

  3. Berliner Rote Grütze (Berlin Red Berry Pudding): Indulge in a classic Berlin dessert with a modern twist. Learn how to prepare Berliner Rote Grütze, a traditional red berry pudding, using seasonal fruits and innovative flavor combinations. Our chef will teach you the techniques to create a visually appealing and delectable dessert that captures the essence of Berlin's culinary creativity.

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