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Who am I?

My name is Itay Novik, and I've proudly called Berlin my home since 2011, following some years in Milan. In 2015, I established Elements of Food with the aim of reconnecting people with their food. It might seem peculiar since we’ve never really stopped eating. But consider when was the last time you savored something freshly harvested or truly knew the farmer behind your breakfast. At Elements of Food, we are working to shift this dynamic in a delightful and engaging manner.


You're welcome to join one of  our food tours, where you can meet the people who are responsible for your food and indulge in some of the most delectable bites along the way. Alternatively, you can participate in our cooking classes to gain new culinary skills, or even invite us to cater your upcoming event with an exquisite selection of fresh, seasonal delights. 


With a background as a certified guide, trained chef, and food writer, I'm committed to delivering an extraordinary gastronomic journey.


Since our inception, we have experienced growth, extending our offerings to both Berlin locals and visitors. As of mid-2023, we have also expanded our brand to my secondary home, in Milan, where we are now providing the same outstanding food tours following the same concept and standards. So don’t hesitate to get in touch and join our circle of friends. See you in Berlin or Milan. 

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Itay Novik

Itay Novik does (almost) nothing

which is not connected to food

My name is Itay Novik. I have lived in Berlin for 5 years, after living in Milan for 6 years. In Milan I studied industrial design in Politecnico (the technical university). I moved to Berlin exactly one year after my first visit here. I knew I wanted to move already on my second day here. So what do I do? I work in Berlin as a food designer, mainly as a stylist for food photography productions. I also cook the food if needed and form recipes.

In addition I advise restaurants and am working on a pilot to a series I’m writing which documents Israeli immigrants in Berlin through domestic food. The cooking style, the domestic tastes missing here, where they get their products and documenting the immigration experience of each one of them. In the end we cook together from a mutual recipe by the will of the host. What else? I guide tours about the culinary history of Berlin and Brandenburg. In these tours I talk about the evolution of food in the area, its characters and the influence of immigrants kitchens. We also visit markets and famous culinary institutes and family businesses. read more

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