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The Culinary Tour

This tour narrates the historical development of the area through its people’s food. From the farmers markets to the luxurious 20th century department stores, Berlin has changed a lot. This area, poor in natural resources was influenced widely throughout the history by the immigrants kitchens and nearby areas. During the tour we will pass in markets and important culinary institutes that tell this city’s story.

The tour is limited to small groups and runs daily, from Tuesday till Saturday. Tours last around 4 hours. Please state in the form if you have any food restrictions or allergies.

We have also other options for bigger groups.

Tuesday: Kreuzberg and Mitte

Wednesday: Friday and Saturday Charlottenburg

Thursday: Prenzlauer Berg

The Neukölln Tour

This tour is for those of you who already saw everything. If it’s your 10th time in the city or if you live in Berlin, come to find out the secret history of the village once called Rixdorf. The tour will take you through the small streets of the bohemian quarter where the old village used to be. We will discover the original structure of the community and hear about the Jan Hus followers. The tour includes a visit to an original 18th century farm house and a lunch in Café Botanico where we’ll hear also the story of the place.

The tour is designed for small groups and take place Tuesday or Wednesday. Tour lasts around 3 hours. Please state in the form if you have any food restrictions or allergies.

The Späti & Köfte Tour

The Bier evening tour. This is of course a more easy going tour that puts together two of Berlin’s highlights, beer from the all-night opened stores and Turkish street food. This tour takes place in Kreuzkölln where we’ll have beer in five different places around the neighborhood and finish with some great Turkish food. 
FYI, in Berlin, drinking alcohol is allowed all day long and from the age of sixteen, at least for a beer.

The tour is designed for 4-12 people and take place on Tuesday and Thursday. Tour lasts around 2-3 hours. Please state in the form if you have any food restrictions or allergies.

As part of my interest in the culinary history of the region, I lead small scaled culinary tours in Berlin and Brandenburg, talking about the fascinating culinary development of the region. Though the city today is also the home for some quite famous Michelin starred restaurants, I’m much more intrigued by the street food scene and the immigrants' kitchens, creating this bubbling mixture called Berlin. All tours are private but we do offer also tours for bigger groups up to 50.  


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All tours are tailor made and can be changed or costumed by demand

A bit from out travellers

Best way to see the city.
The ability to explain
and share so much knowledge was refreshing. 

Gonen, Tel Aviv, Israel

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