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Slow roasted cabbage

This recipe will change everything you thought you knew about cabbage. The cabbage is brewed in its own liquids and its sugars caramelized, giving a very impressive result with minimal effort. Ingrediens:

White cabbage 100 g melted butter or brown butter (recipe below) 200 ml dry white wine Some rosemary or thyme branches salt and pepper Turn the cabbage with the stem facing up. With a large knife make four diagonal cuts around the trunk. The idea is to create a kind of pyramid where the base of the stem is the base of the pyramid. Pull out the stem. Place a baking paper under the cabbage and brush the cabbage from all sides and inside the cut with melted butter. Season with salt and pepper and place the thyme or rosemary stems over. Pour the wine into the cut we made. The wine will swell in. If the cabbage is firm and the wine is not swallowed whole, pour as much as possible. Pick the corners of the wrapping paper and fold them in and tighten around the cabbage. If necessary, place another paper on top and wrap the cabbage so that it is covered on all sides. With tying thread or fabric strips (unpainted), tie the package we created so that it doesn't open. Wrap the cabbage tied with aluminium foil and tight it so that there are no exposed parts. Transfer into a pan and bake in the oven for three hours. Don't worry, the foil will keep the cabbage from burning and the liquids will not evaporate, but will cook the cabbage on the inside. After three hours, carefully remove the cover.

Sprinkle black pepper and some chopped rosemary or fresh thyme and serve as a main course or as a side dish. Other options,

Vegans can replace the butter with extra virgin olive oil. The result will be equally successful. You can replace the wine with chicken, beef or vegetables stock and get different flavors.

How to make brown butter?

Brown butter is butter clarified from the milk solids whose burning temperature is much lower than the fat. It has a deeper taste than regular butter and it will give a slightly nutty flavor to dishes. You can make a larger portion and store it in a jar in the fridge for a longer time. Brown butter can be used for different sauces, fish, for cookies and also frying as it is much more stable than regular butter. 200 grams of butter In a small saucepan, melt the butter over low heat. The butter will create a white foam which is the milk solids that separate from the fat.

Cook while stirring for a few minutes until the white solids become golden, pay attention not to increase the heat, so that they do not burn. Strain the butter through a sieve with gauze cloth and keep the refined butter in a clean jar in the fridge.

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