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Making half dried tomatoes

It all started last week when I was eating dinner at my favorite dining room, aka as Café Botanico. Aside the buffala mozzarella were these excellent half dried tomatoes, which were the perfect match.

So after that I thought, why not to make it by myself, and this is how it goes.

I've bought a case of 5 kg cherry tomatoes which you can get for quite cheap at these months. Spread on a baking sheet, they were left in the oven for the whole night (minimum of 10 hours) at 50-70c.

They didn't become totally dry, but they lost a lot of water, making the taste very concentrated. A bit like a good tomato sauce, wrapped in a tomato.

After a few hours of cooling down, I've moved them into clean glasses with fresh rosemary, sea salt, pepper and garlic and tapped them with olive oil. Like that they will become better with the time.

Those ones fits excellent for a caprese a good buffala mozzarella. Today you can get an excellent regional buffala mozzarella in Brandenburg which is not only local, but also much more fresh than the one coming from Italy (at least if you're in Berlin). You can get it daily at natURsprung​ at one of the city's markets.

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