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Pasta à Gogo


Our tip, Carbonara is the most popular pasta at this establishment and for a good reason. They use real Gaunciale and follow the rules of making this iconic dish. 

Since 2017, Pasta à Gogo has been the first Italian boutique dedicated to serving fresh take-away pasta. They specialize in preparing first courses that are freshly seasoned with homemade sauces. The high-quality ingredients used to make the pasta are locally sourced. They offer eco-friendly packaging for take away or in-house, with a scenic view of viale Abruzzi, one of the city's principal transportation routes.

Ristorante Galleria 

Located at the monumental Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, Ristorante Galleria offers a fine dining experience at a prime location, the heart of the historical center. It is known for its upscale ambiance and serves traditional Italian cuisine. The restaurant is a popular destination for its highly rated service, food quality, and overall atmosphere. Additionally, the restaurant has a wine list that features a wide range of Italian and international wines, carefully selected to complement the food. For its quality and location, Ristorante Galleria is reasonably priced, especially if opting for an Italian-style lunch that includes a single dish and a glass of wine.


Our tip, don’t miss their Milanese classics, such as Ossobuco and Risotto alla Milanese. They are made with extra attention and high quality Saffron. 

Mercato Centrale 


Our tip,  like all Italian bars, Bar Magenta provides both table service and bar prices that are highly competitive and closely monitored. To fully immerse yourself in the Italian experience, we suggest ordering your coffee and sandwich at the bar.

Do you ever ponder about where Italians gather for a Spritz, cheer on their beloved soccer team, or simply engage in conversation over a glass of Chianti? The answer is Bar Magenta, a renowned Milanese establishment for aperitivo. Established in 1907, Bar Magenta claims to have originated the Milanese Apericena (aka Aperitivo)  trend. Their Happy Hour starts as early as 5 PM, featuring a fantastic buffet of both hot and cold dishes. The drink menu features classic beverages that align with the bar's philosophy of quality and Italian tradition. The bar's interior is decorated with wood and art deco-style accents, harkening back to Milan's former glory. Come for an authentic Milanese experience at a prime location.

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