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Starbucks Reserve Roastery


Our tip, don’t miss their super creamy Affogato and the bar on the second floor, where you can have all kinds of special hand crafted cocktails. 

This  is the first Starbucks location in Italy. The opening of the Milan location in 2018 marked the brand's entry into the Italian coffee market and introduced Starbucks' signature coffee and café experience to the Italian public. This location features a unique design, showcasing local materials and incorporating elements of traditional Italian coffee culture. In Milan, customers can experience a wider range of coffee options, including rare and exotic coffee beans, small-batch roasts, and unique blends, as well as specialized brewing methods like pour over and Chemex. This, along with the unique atmosphere and design of the roastery, creates a one-of-a-kind coffee experience that sets it apart from other Starbucks locations.

Cafezal Torrefazione Specialty Coffee

As its name suggests, Cafezal Torrefazione offers specialty coffee,  high-quality coffee that has been carefully sourced, roasted, and brewed. The beans are roasted in smaller batches to maintain their quality and flavor. Unlike more traditional Italian bars, the place offers different brewing methods including a very good pour over coffee.


Our tip,  their pastries are a great companion for your morning coffee.

Bar Magenta


Our tip,  like all Italian bars, Bar Magenta provides both table service and bar prices that are highly competitive and closely monitored. To fully immerse yourself in the Italian experience, we suggest ordering your coffee and sandwich at the bar.

Do you ever ponder about where Italians gather for a Spritz, cheer on their beloved soccer team, or simply engage in conversation over a glass of Chianti? The answer is Bar Magenta, a renowned Milanese establishment for aperitivo. Established in 1907, Bar Magenta claims to have originated the Milanese Apericena (aka Aperitivo)  trend. Their Happy Hour starts as early as 5 PM, featuring a fantastic buffet of both hot and cold dishes. The drink menu features classic beverages that align with the bar's philosophy of quality and Italian tradition. The bar's interior is decorated with wood and art deco-style accents, harkening back to Milan's former glory. Come for an authentic Milanese experience at a prime location.

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