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Who am I?

I'm Tomer. I tell stories: I write prose and for newspapers - mainly in German. I'm a translator of stories from German to Hebrew and happy for the opportunity to retell them. 

My connection to the culinary journey in Kreuzberg is my connection to Kreuzberg. To the people, tastes and smells of this colorful and vibrant neighborhood, which knows no geographical boundaries. I have been a resident of the neighborhood for many years, and as such I tour its restaurants, cafes and markets on a daily basis. Over time I learned the stories behind the different foods the district has to offer.

Although I only cook in my own home, I’m a happy taster outside, always checking out new places and returning to the old ones I liked, following the developments in the neighborhood.

I've lived in Berlin for a total of 12 years, my academic degree from here is in literature and philosophy, but I promise I'm lighter than it sounds.


Tomer Dotan-Dreyfus

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