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Who am I?

Hi there, I’m Dan Tristão, South African son of English and Portuguese parents. With stops in London and Osaka to work along the way, I’ve called Milan my home for many years now.With an MBA, and experience as an English teacher, I now run the culinary walking tours of Elements of Food, Milan. I also cover the Southern African region as a travel specialist. My love for food and cooking grew from my birth country South Africa, with its unusual blend of African, European, Malay and Indian influences.My food philosophies are authenticity and quality of ingredients, and enjoying the widest possible variety of experiences. Authenticity for me means exploring real and fresh food flavours, knowing the original growers and producers of locally made produce, and introducing travelers to the purveyors of this flavourful food, and their day-to-day real life stories. Variety in a culinary experience is essential for me; blending immigrant influences with the ingredients of Milanese cuisine while respecting and staying true to tradition, and contrasting quirky people and simple food with touches of elegance during my tours.

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